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Whitby, ON


My newest artworks, detailed information about my art classes and art projects can be found on:

I am offering interesting art projects, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, pen and watercolor sketching and drawing classes and workshops for teens from 10 years and adults at my studio-gallery "Art plus Life", located in the downtown of Whitby, Ontario.
Most of my recent art is on display at the same gallery.

I am working in watercolor, acrylics and pastels. For more info, paintings in progress, painting tips and ideas for art classes, please visit my Facebook page:
and my blog:

I relocated to Canada in 2004, but the country of my origin is Latvia, a beautiful land on the Baltic Sea. It has ancient historical roots, and not surprisingly a rich and deep tradition in watercolor painting, notably landscapes. I had a chance to gain some great experience participating in two wonderful Latvian watercolor artist classes and workshops: Karlis Taube and Aina Upmane between 1970 and 1976. Watercolor is unpredictable, spontaneous, and moody, but rewards anyone willing to assume the risk, and that is why I find it very fitting for my artistic goals. My most favorite form of visual art is drawing since I started it at a very young age and never stopped improving.

My paintings are created on location, from my sketches, or using as reference real life objects. Drawing comes absolutely naturally to me, so I am drawing and sketching anywhere.
I am finding huge inspiration in seasonal changes, treescapes, in particular leaves of trees and plants, nature scenes and landscapes, I also love creating bright floral and still life paintings. Still life is something I can spend numerous hours at and I am often seeing an opportunity to create a still life just from items around me.
I am for the most part a self-taught artist.
I have hundreds of room plants at home, and when the spring comes I always start up my small garden. That all can be used as a great source of inspiration which I actually never have to look for, because I don't think I will ever stop wondering at the indescribable mysterious beauty of nature. I love all seasons equally, and all of them have found their reflection in my paintings.
I have been working successfully in interior design, as a fashion designer, therefore my love to crafts and crafted art, but, unfortunately, I cannot devote all my time to creation of art since my other job includes writing and exploring medical conditions, summaries of clinical trials, psychology and treatment, including art related therapies.

My work is displayed in some institutions of Latvia, and in many private collections in Germany, Latvia and in Canada.
I'm also a full time medical writer and translator, working globally.


For you, the red rose by Inese Poga


Creek, winter, snow by Inese Poga


Quiet winter night by Inese Poga


Robins, winter by Inese Poga


Birch forest path by Inese Poga


Afternoon birches by Inese Poga


The barns by Inese Poga


Sunday rose by Inese Poga


Saturday rose by Inese Poga


Pink and purple by Inese Poga


Purple variety by Inese Poga


Pink petunias by Inese Poga


White oriental lilies by Inese Poga


Spring boat by Inese Poga


Daffodils in yellow by Inese Poga


Autumn fruit still life by Inese Poga


White orchid by Inese Poga


Magnolia by Inese Poga


The pink dream rose by Inese Poga


Pink spring tulips by Inese Poga


Pink magnolia blooms by Inese Poga


Village summer by Inese Poga


Reflecting by Inese Poga


Twilight sunset by Inese Poga


Just birches by Inese Poga


My very red poinsettia by Inese Poga


Our visitors cadinals by Inese Poga


It is so cute by Inese Poga


Old backyard fence by Inese Poga


Backyard 1 by Inese Poga


Road to autumn by Inese Poga


Still there by Inese Poga


Viewpoint by Inese Poga


White birch by Inese Poga


Behind the river bend by Inese Poga


Together by Inese Poga


Winter twilight by Inese Poga


Christmas lights by Inese Poga


Lovely purple pansy faces by Inese Poga


Red and Grey by Inese Poga


Magnolias by Inese Poga


The Pink Rose by Inese Poga


White Lilies by Inese Poga


Hot red poppies by Inese Poga


The very red rose by Inese Poga


Red flowers by Inese Poga


Birches in spring mood by Inese Poga


Rural spring by Inese Poga